Viking Appliance Problems

List of some common Viking appliance problems.

Common Viking Appliance Problems

Here is a list of some of the most common Viking appliance problems you may come across.

-Oven not heating.

– Bake option not reaching the set point.

-Oven flame is weak.

-Oven turn off after a few minutes.

-Oven thermostat needs calibration

-Oven needs a new thermostat

-Oven burner flame is weak

-Oven burner makes strange noise

-Continuously sparking.

-One of the burners are not sparking.

-Burner flame is weak.

-Electrode is not working.

-Igniter needs to be replaced.

-Broil element not working.

-Broiler heat is too strong.

-Oven door hinges not closing all the way.

-Burner tube is worn out.

-Hissing sound from the burner.

-Refrigerator section not cooling

-Freezer section not cooling

-Makes noise

-There is a vibration

-Is Leaking

-Fan is not working

-There is extreme heat above

-Refrigerator/freezer section temperature is high

-Freezer food is thawing

-Ice cream in the freezer is soft

-Regards alarm sound is beeping

-Door seals/gaskets are worn out

-Doors are not sealing

-Compressor needs replacement

-Not heating.

-Not turning.

-No lights inside.

-Makes noise.

-Spinning but not heating.

-Does not warm up food.

-Makes strange noise.

-Blower not turning on.

-Blower is jammed.

-Vent not sucking.

-Vent lights not working.

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