Common Causes of Ice Maker Problems

Common Causes of Ice Maker Problems Include the Following:

Ice makers tend to have problems due to a large variety of reasons. Here are some of the most common reasons why your ice maker may be giving you a problem.

1. Ice Maker Not Being Used Frequently Enough

The general main cause of people experiencing problems with their ice maker is because of the fact that they don’t use it often.

Why Is It a Problem If an Ice Maker Is Not Used Frequently Enough?

Because when an ice maker isn’t used frequently enough, this causes ice cubes to stick together and therefore prevents ice cubes from being vended out properly. When ice cubs become stuck together in large numbers, they do not fit through the vending hole of the ice machine therefore have trouble being vended out.

What Is a Solution to Not Using Your Ice Maker Enough?

Clean out your ice maker once a month in order to prevent ice cubes from sticking together and blocking the vending hole. The problem shouldn’t occur as long the ice cubes are removed frequently enough that they don’t stick together.

2. Clogged Water Filter

Having a clogged water filter is one type of problem that will require removing an old part and installing a new part. The filter must be replaced.

Why Is a Clogged Water Filter a Problem for an Ice Maker?

An ice maker needs to receive a sufficient amount of water in order to freeze it into ice cubes. If the water filter becomes clogged, the ice maker will have trouble receiving the liquid it requires for freezing into ice cubes.

What Is a Solution to Fixing a Clogged Water Filter?

Our suggested solution would be to contact an experienced professional for this problem. The process of properly removing your old water filter on your own can be difficult and timely task. If you did it on your own, you would still have to go through the process of shopping for the proper filter then properly installing it. You are likely to spend much less time and effort by hiring an experienced professional to do the job. A professional will be able to take care of the entire job for you from A to Z including providing the proper filter and any other parts that may be needed.

3. Ice Maker Parts Frozen

Ice makers can have problems if one or some of their functioning parts become frozen or start freezing. One reason why this can happen is if a part becomes wet then freezes, potentially from water dripping off wet hands after washing hands and reaching into the refrigerator for something.

Why Is It a Problem If Ice Maker Parts Become Frozen?

If any physically functional part of an ice maker becomes frozen, it will lose its functionality because it will not be able physically move in order to perform its task properly.

What Is a Solution for Getting Back the Functionality of a Frozen Ice Maker Part?

If it is a removable non electric part, simply remove the part, wash it off, and let all the ice fully melt. Once all the ice is fully melted, wash off the part once more and allow it to dry. After the part is completely dry, insert it back into its proper location and the functionality should work fine. If the problem becomes solved in the beginning and the problem reoccurs, there may likely be another problem that is causing the same part to freeze. In this case, it would be suggested to contact an experienced appliance repair technician in order to properly diagnose and fix the problem.

4. Freezer Thermostat Set Too Low

It is suggested to keep your freezers thermostat temperature at an average level, not colder than necessary.

Why Is It a Problem for an Ice Maker If the Freezers Thermostat Is Set Too Cold?

If the thermostat of the freezer is set too cold, water that should be getting used by the ice maker for making ice cubes will freeze before reaching the proper location. As a result, the ice maker will not be receiving the water it needs therefore it will not be able to make ice cubes.

On the other hand, if the temperature is set too low but the ice maker is stil able to make ice, it very well may have problems with vending the ice because ice cubes will stick together at a faster rate that normal.

What Is a Solution to This Problem?

Adjust your freezers thermostat and set it to an average temperature. Unless there is too much food in the freezer the average temperature level isn’t enough to freeze the food, then it can be adjusted to a colder degree in order to be cold enough to freeze everything.

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